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NGTint Permanent Hair Colour Mocha 5.0 170ML

NGTint Permanent Hair Colour Mocha 5.0 170ML

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A groundbreaking natural ammonia-free formula specifically designed for mature hair, providing both hair texture and color care. It reduces the damage and sensitivity risks caused by low-coloring agents to the scalp and hair. The formula combines innovative deer antler technology and natural plant extracts to create an anti-aging formula that effectively repairs and nourishes the scalp and fragile, damaged hair. It minimizes the damage caused by hair coloring, repairs the hair cuticles, improves hair strength, and revitalizes the hair's natural vitality while promoting scalp health.

- Nano Black Esters Technology (HBE-ester): Provides 100% coverage for white hair, ensuring more even coloration and long-lasting results.

- Reconstructed Facial Repair Essence: Utilizes patented technology to focus on the ecological care of the scalp and hair.

- Anti-aging Formula: Contains seven natural antioxidant plant extracts, making hair look 10 years younger.

Main Ingredients

Marigold seed oil, olive extract essence, protein, vitamin E, creatine, trace elements, sunflower extract, hydrolyzed wheat protein, flaxseed extract, lemon water, cottonseed oil.

Suitable For

Suitable for all individuals, including pregnant and breastfeeding women


STEP1 Before use, do not wash the hair and gather all the provided tools. Pour the product emulsion and color developer into the mixing bowl and mix thoroughly.

STEP2 After mixing the cream evenly, apply it to the hair and comb it through for even distribution.

STEP3 Wait for 40 minutes for color development, then wait an additional 20 minutes before rinsing. Apply the regenerating hair mask for 2 minutes and rinse.

STEP4 After towel-drying the hair, evenly spray the Reconstructed Protein Repair Essence. Use 2-3 times per week.

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