Collection: Scalp and Hair Care Series

Tailored for your high demands, we offer products that you can use with peace of mind. We use natural plant extracts, formulas that don't burden your hair, and respect the balance of your scalp's environment, all while nourishing your hair and strands.

This series specially selects a variety of delicate English-inspired fragrances, including a fruity blend of pear, jasmine, and cedarwood, a herbal lily fragrance of lemon, lily, and ylang-ylang, and a fresh bamboo fragrance of bamboo, jasmine tea, and sandalwood. These unique fragrance blends allow you to easily experience a professional spa-like aroma at home.

The philosophy of the series

Every consumer has personalized needs, but healthy skin is a common requirement. All consumers need a healthy scalp environment so that their hair can grow in good soil. This is the root cause of solving problems such as dry hair, oily scalp, and hair loss.

After 5 years of research and development, the Dun team has launched the revolutionary "Forest Vitality Series" for scalp and hair care.

Breaking away from traditional hair care concepts and chemical synthesis formula, our unique repair technology is derived from nature, with over 90% of plant extracts that provide outstanding therapeutic effects:

Wild Arctic spruce, European hazel leaves, ginger root, and a variety of complex peptides and arginines, repair the scalp and hair follicles from the outside to the inside, injecting energy into scalp cells, creating a healthy scalp environment and vibrant hair.